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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Profile - Qatar: CEO of Barzan Holdings Abdullah Hassan Al-Khaterin-depth

Abdullah Hassan Al-Khater serves as the CEO of Barzan Holdings, with a distinguished background in strategic procurement and arms sales.

He is committed to supporting the Qatari Ministry of Defense (MoD) in acquisitions, purchases, and building local defense capabilities.

The following In-depth Profile of Al-Khater highlights his character, vision, priorities in defense projects, views on international defense firms, and the intricate network he navigates within Qatar's ruling Al Thani family and military circles.

Get an exclusive insight into the direction of Barzan Holdings under the leadership of Al-Khater.

Key points covered in the report include:

- Al-Khater’s character and qualities

- Priorities and projects ahead

- Relationships within Barzan Holdings especially with its Chairman the Minister of State for Defense Affairs Dr. Khaled Al-Attiyah

- Relationship with the Al Thani ruling family and military circles

The report also includes an executive summary providing a comprehensive analysis of Al-Khater's future and success as Barzan Holdings’ CEO.

Stay tuned for additional insights into Al-Khater's influence and the future trajectory of Qatar's defense industry under his leadership at Barzan Holdings.


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