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refund and cancellation

all sales are final!

We will not issue refunds or accept cancellation orders regarding Tactical Report products, issues or articles.

This applies to both Intelligence Weekly and Daily Notes. We are making our Refund policy clear up front: There will be no refunds for any reason.

We designed the site to give you imminent access to what you buy and we can use all available electronic means on earth to ensure fast delivery.

We are making our Cancellation policy clear too. We do not accept any cancellation orders for any reason.

We are offering all possible options to make you decide what best for you before you subscribe to Intelligence Weekly or use our Credits to buy articles or issues. If you are not sure if Tactical Report meets your needs, you can always place an order for free sample (s) or read free articles.

If you then decide to subscribe or buy articles or issues, then your sale will be final.

Instructions: If you encounter any trouble that prevents you from buying or accessing your issues or articles, Contact us for help.

If we encounter a serious technical problem that may damage product(s) or cause site failure upon delivery, Contact us for alternative means of delivery.