What are Research Reports?

Well-crafted and detailed reports outlining special developments to get you covered on every level and provide intricate assessments on the latest developments about: the defense sector, regional defense companies, politics, exhibitions reviews, people in power, energy market, and more.

Our special reports are developed by our internal research team. Depending on the category, some reports are purely based on OSINT, while others include a combination of OSINT and HUMINT.

In addition, these reports sometimes are infused with a detailed analysis and/or recommendations from our research team to offer you enriched unique reports valuable for your decision making.


After reading our reports, consumers will not only be better informed about a given topic, but will also have actionable insights that he or she can leverage in decision-making. Our reports are in essence analyses. They provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation, key judgments that summarizes the need-to-know up front, and estimates regarding an actor’s intentions and capabilities.

Our special reports cover an assortment of topics such as defense technology, bilateral military relations, profiles of VIPs, regional defense companies, and others.

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Special Reports
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