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Our Consultancy Services

With more than 16 years of experience serving the global intelligence community, Tactical Report, an independent news organization, offers you confidential and exclusive consultancy reports on the topic of your choice, collected through its international network of correspondents working primarily with human intelligence.

Depending on your request, we can monitor specific events and activities, validate information, investigate and analyse agreements and discussion on your behalf. The reports can provide you with information about specific deals, or insights about such things as changes in administrations, governments, key stakeholders’ decision making, budgets and spendings. We are present in sectors ranging from international arms procurement to internal energy agreements. The reports are based on actual facts and events collected by our local reporters, carefully drafted in an objective and unbiased way by our writers and reviewed by our editor in chief before being dispatched to you.

Our Confidential Reports are tailor-made to meet your needs and we are confident that they will drive you to make more successful business development decisions and strategies, as they provide you with the market intelligence you need to make assertive decisions and move forward in your projects.

Previously Covered Topics

Monitoring of defense procurement projects

Development in political affairs geopolitics and regional politics

Energy, mainly oil and gas policies

Armament deals and advancements

Ad Hoc & Regular events, such as G7 summit, conferences and international meetings

Various other topics relating to geo-political advancements in the MENA & GCC states

To ensure confidentiality, the content of the report is shared with you in a secure manner depending on your preferences, whether in a soft or hard copy.

How it works

  • 1
    You can contact us via email or make a request using the form below.
  • 2
    An account manager will be in contact with you to understand your needs and to define the type of information that should be included in your report.
  • 3
    Your special request will be handled by our team of experts who treat every task in a top-secret and professional manner.
  • 4
    A price quotation will be sent to you for your approval. The pricing is based on the report’s content complexity and depth and is always agreed upon in collaboration with you.
  • 5
    The report will be shared with you according to the agreement terms between us, along with an invoice for our services.

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