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Monday, October 09, 2023

Qatar: Sheikh Jassem's role, standing, and affiliationsnote

Emir Tamim is said to be keen on fostering unity and cohesion among his full brothers, considering it crucial as Qatar expands its influence regionally and internationally.

Also, he has expanded the responsibilities of his brother and Personal Representative, Sheikh Jassem, making him a key part of his decision-making circle.

Sheikh Jassem's role is expected to include active involvement in the international diplomatic arena.

Tactical Report delves into Emir Tamim's efforts to strengthen family bonds and sheds light on Sheikh Jassem's role and stature, offering valuable insights into:

- Emir Tamim's relationship with his full brothers, notably Sheikh Jassem

- Sheikh Jassem's role, current responsibilities, and network of associations

- His influence among members of the Al Thani family


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