DIRs are exclusive and concise reports based primarily on our large network of human intelligence (HUMINT) sources. They provide you with insights into the latest developments in the Gulf and MENA regions, allowing you to stay informed and offering you greater visibility over your areas of interest.


Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring team identifies and picks out topics that are deemed relevant for our clients. These topics are then presented to a committee in charge of discussing and assessing their relevance and potential.

Direction & Collection

Once topics are selected and agreed upon, we direct our network of human intelligence (HUMINT) sources to gather exclusive and behind-the-scenes intelligence and insights. This information is then transferred to our writing team.

Processing & Quality Control

The writing team validates and verifies all the information received with the assistance of our experts, then proceeds to write/prepare draw up DIRs.

Editorial Review

Our editor-in-chief personally provides a final layer of validation and quality control before greenlighting DIRs for publication.

Market Intelligence Feed

The Market Intelligence Feed is an exclusive RSS-Feed that provides you with updates on the defense and energy markets as well as recent geopolitical developments in the Gulf and MENA regions.

How it works

Our Market Intelligence Feed service allows you to receive and monitor all of our DIRs through a user-friendly dashboard. Using a powerful feed-reader, you can set filters and alerts to access our content at your convenience.

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