Daily Intelligence Reports (DIRs)

DIRs are exclusive reports based primarily on our human intelligence sources.

Our DIRs provide you with the latest developments and insights into current incidents happening in the MENA and GCC regions to keep you updated in your areas of interest while ensuring better visibility and control over your priorities and concerns.


Giving you a holistic image on political incidents, bilateral relations, and change of people in power.

Exploring the competition level within the market.

Accelerating your decision making process and even taking better decisions.

Updating you on the procurement deals and negotiations.

Identifying market needs, trends as well as potential markets and discovering opportunities for your company.


Choose a plan that works for you:

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325 credits$300

550 credits$500

1200 credits$1000

  • Access to Daily Intelligence Reports (DIRs) of your choice.
  • Access to In-Depth Reports of your choice.
  • Access to Weekly Intelligence Reports (WIRs) of your choice.
  • No use of a credit card for every purchase.
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