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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Company Profile - UAE: Etimad Holding, EDGE’s new subsidiaryin-depth

Emirati EDGE Group announced on 11/07/2023 its acquisition of Etimad Holding, a significant contributor in the field of security solutions within the UAE.

EDGE is set to expand its range of services by integrating Etimad Holding's capabilities into a newly formed Homeland Security cluster.

This acquisition is expected to significantly bolster EDGE's presence in the security solutions sector and broaden its offerings.

Tactical Report has prepared a Company Profile of Etimad Holding aiming to provide unique insights into its involvement in EGDE’s ongoing strategies. The report delves into EDGE's motives for the merger, Etimad Holding's array of services, its collaborative ventures, and the pivotal role and potential of the company's CEO.

Key points covered in the report include:

- Main reasons and potential benefits of the acquisition

- Company overview, its strategy and objectives

- Products and solutions

- Current and sought local and international partnerships

- Khaled Al Ali: Chairman and CEO, role and responsibilities

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