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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Qatar: Communications satellites tender and bids from the U.S. and Francein-depth

In recent years, Qatar has been diligently pursuing advancements in space capabilities, with a particular focus on dual-use or military-grade satellites.

The Qatari Ministry of State for Defense Affairs is planning to purchase communications satellites, having requested international bidders to participate in a dedicated tender.

This report focuses on Qatar’s ongoing plans to purchase communications satellites and the competitive landscape. The report also sheds light on Doha’s efforts to localize air and space technologies and other satellite-related requirements, such as missile early warning and remote sensing.

Tactical Report highlights these matters, including:

- Communications satellites tender
- Frontrunning companies for the satellite tender
- Qatar’s other satellite requirements, including missile early warning for counter-hypersonic air defense
- Qatari plans to participate in advanced technologies


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