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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Company Profile - Saudi Arabia: Introducing the National Company for Mechanical Systems (NCMS)in-depth

The National Company for Mechanical Systems (NCMS), established in 2006 in Riyadh, is aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 to advance technology localization.

Specializing in optronics, electronics, and composite materials, NCMS plays a pivotal role in transitioning prototypes to final products for industrial stakeholders.

In the following Company Profile, we explore key aspects related to NCMS including:

- Company overview

- Its factories, solutions, and products

- Management team and CEO's strategic vision for industrial advancement

- Notable established agreements and future plans

- Sought regional and international partnerships

Also, this In-Depth report includes an executive summary offering exclusive insights on the pivotal role of NCMS in enhancing the Kingdom's defense capabilities.


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