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Friday, July 08, 2022

Oman, Iran and Hinjam-Bukha gas field issuenote

The recently appointed Omani Minister of Energy and Minerals Salim Al-Awfi believes that Omani-Iranian energy relations require a reset and that Tehran needs to take a more equitable approach towards the Hinjam/Bukha gas field issue.

Oman denied in June 2022 the existence of any agreement with Iran that would allow it to get a lion’s share of the production from a joint offshore gas field west of Hinjam/Bukha, located on the maritime border between the two countries.

This came in response to Iranian media reports claiming that Muscat and Tehran had agreed to divide the output giving Iran 80% and Oman the remaining 20%.

Tactical Report has prepared a 378-word report to shed more light on the situation. 


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