Saudi King Salman and the “Deal of the Century”

Reports from Riyadh suggest that Saudi King Salman insists that the Palestinian case will not be resolved except “by establishing two states”, with Jerusalem as capital of Palestine.

King Salman’s comment came as a reaction to the announcement by US President Donald Trump of his Middle East peace plan, also known as the “Deal of the Century”.

The plan calls for an independent Palestinian state and for the recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the West Bank settlements. According to the plan, Jerusalem will remain Israel’s capital, and there will be no “right of return” for Palestinian refugees.

The Palestinians have rejected President Trump’s plan, calling it a “conspiracy”.

How did King Salman elaborate his reaction?

How does he intend to deal with the situation?

What about the position of his son Crown Prince Mohammad?

Tactical Report answers these questions and more in the following 534-word report.

[Fully reproduced in TR Defense Weekly Issue No 27/05 – January 31, 2020]

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