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Market Intelligence Feed

The MIF is An exclusive RSS-Feed with instant updates from the security & defense markets of the MENA region

what’s market
intelligence feed?

To keep pace with the constantly evolving security & defense markets of the MENA, intelligence must be vetted, succinct and instantly accessible. Tactical Report’s Market Intelligence Feed puts a world of exclusive information at your fingertips, allowing you to make strategic business decisions with conviction, speed, and laser-focused insight.

Tactical Report relies on local reporters gathering market information from sources close to key decision-making circles in the public and private sectors of the MENA region (HUMINT). All data is evaluated, validated and translated into market intelligence by our team of writers and editors.

Insights are gathered on topics ranging from local industry policies to geopolitical agreements and trade. We publish intelligence that has an impact on regional and global security and defense markets.

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Markets & sectors covered

Military & defense cooperation

Policies, budgets & spending

Political & geopolitical affairs

Industrial procurement projects

Market shifts & opportunities

Power transfer in key positions

How does it work?

With the Market Intelligence Feed, you can receive and monitor all of our news articles in a quickly digestible dashboard. Using a powerful feed-reader, you can set filters and alerts to access your most important intelligence at a glance

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Get access to the right information

Insights you can trust

To make confident decisions, you must trust your source

Tactical Report prides itself in its unbiased and unadulterated human source market intelligence reporting; we don’t let opinions interfere, we provide the intelligence and leave the analysis to you.

Reliable regularity

The markets never rest, and neither do we. When something is happening in the Security & Defense markets, you need to stay in the know

Tactical Report has delivered it’s Intelligence Weekly for 1500 consecutive weeks and published at least 3 Intelligence Notes per weekday since 2008. We don’t leave a story half-way.

Concise, hard-hitting content

Data is overflowing, and you are busy. Our reports focus on the most important information, and leave the rest out

Each news update contains a precise headline, on average 350-word original copy, imagery and links to related reports. We call them DNAs and with the MIF, you’ll receive every single one.

Essential market intelligence you need, when you need it. That’s the power of our Market Intelligence Feed.