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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Saudi Assessment, Expectations for Beijing Agreement after one yearin-depth

A year has passed since Saudi Arabia and Iran reached a historical Chinese-brokered deal, the Beijing Agreement, that restored diplomatic ties between both countries after being severed for years.

Since its signing, a series of significant events have unfolded, placing the agreement under test: from Saudi-Houthi negotiations aimed at terminating the Yemeni conflict to the repercussions of the Gaza War impacting the Red Sea security and beyond.

Delve into the following key insights addressed in the report:

  • Saudi assessment of the Agreement on its first anniversary
  • Riyadh’s expectations of the future of the Agreement
  • Remaining contentious files between the Kingdom and Iran
  • Saudi trust in Iran to remain committed to the Agreement
  • The views of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad (MBS) on Iranian President Raisi
  • Gaza War impact on the Agreement

The report also highlights the circumstances of a potential visit of MBS to Tehran.


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