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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Kuwait's Cybersecurity: Unveiling the National Center's Inceptionin-depth

Explore the dynamic partnership between Kuwait and the UK as they solidify their commitment to cybersecurity.

The official signing of a declaration of intent on 29/08/2023 marked a significant milestone between the two countries, paving the way for the establishment of the Kuwait National Center for Cybersecurity. Major General (Maj. Gen.) Engineer (Eng.) Mohammad Bouarki, the driving force behind the center, anticipates a seamless setup and operationalization in 2025.

This report outlines Kuwait's significant step toward bolstering cybersecurity through the Kuwait National Center for Cybersecurity's inception and the pivotal role played by the UK. Our report also includes an executive summary that comprehensively analyzes the expected future trajectory of the center in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Key points covered in the report:

- Introduction to Kuwait’s National Center for Cybersecurity

- The Objectives of the Center

- UK's Role and Partnership

- Procurements and Tenders

- Maj. Gen. Eng. Bouarki’s standing and background

Stay tuned for updates as Kuwait advances its cybersecurity landscape, fostering international collaboration and innovation.


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