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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Profile - Saudi SAMI-AEC CEO Al-Musallam's Standing, Priorities, and Plansin-depth

Eng. Ziad Bin Houmod Al-Musallam has been the CEO of SAMI-AEC since his official appointment on 18/03/2021, succeeding Abdulaziz Al-Duailej.

Al-Musallam brings a wealth of experience from his multifaceted positions in engineering, development, operations, quality management, IT, supply chain, and business partnerships at SAMI-AEC.

He consistently emphasizes that one of the most notable national accomplishments in his professional journey is the merger of AEC with SAMI, underscoring its significance.

Additionally, Al-Musallam has been serving as the Executive Vice President of Defense Electronics at SAMI since December 2021.

Tactical Report has prepared an in-depth Profile of Al-Musallam providing insights into his background, responsibilities, and defense vision, as well as his connections and influence within the defense industry and government sectors.

Key points covered in the report include:

- Al-Musallam’s vision for SAMI-AEC

- His plans and priorities for the company

- His role and responsibilities

- His preferences for foreign defense companies

- His career history at SAMI-AEC

- Overview of AEC


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