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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Profile: Saudi Scopa Industries’ Chairman and Owner, Mohammad Al-Ajlanin-depth

Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan is the Chairman, owner, and founder of Scopa Industries Corp. In addition to this prominent role, he assumes the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan & Bros Group, a title he has effectively held since 1990.

Scopa is recognized as a highly receptive private defense company in Saudi Arabia, demonstrating a strong commitment to aligning with the directives of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

In his role as Scopa Chairman, Al-Ajlan envisions the company as a global player that establishes strategic partnerships, actively contributing to the defense objectives of the Kingdom and reinforcing its position within the international defense industry.

Tactical Report has prepared a 1145-word Profile of Al-Ajlan to deliver exclusive information on his various leadership roles, current standing at Scopa, and industrial vision by shedding light on the following:

-His current key roles and expertise

-The link between Ajlan & Bros Group and the Saudi ruling family

-His relationship with Saudi King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammad, and other Saudi key figures like CEO of Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) Walid Abukhaled

-His defensive vision for Scopa

-His views on international defense companies 


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