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Thursday, May 25, 2023

UAE: View of the Beijing Agreementin-depth

Under a joint trilateral statement, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China announced on 10/3/2023 an agreement to resume diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran.

The Beijing agreement was not surprising to the UAE, despite the lack of prior Emirati-Saudi coordination in this regard.

Those close to the Emirati decision-making centers believe that the Beijing agreement will allow Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to rearrange his priorities. This has prompted Abu Dhabi to act.

Tactical Report has prepared a special report (1306 words) that highlights the following:

- UAE’s view of the Beijing agreement

- UAE's reaction to the Saudi strategy following the agreement

- UAE’s options in Yemen in the wake of the agreement

- UAE National Security Advisor Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed’s role

- The impact of the agreement on the UAE-Saudi and UAE-U.S. relations

Our special report also highlights the U.S. position on the Beijing agreement amid the Chinese activities in the region. Also, the Emirati response to U.S. pressure if Abu Dhabi decided to further expand its relationship with China.  


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