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Thursday, April 27, 2023

UAE's EPI: Key contributor to the defense, aerospace, and oil & gas industriesin-depth

Since 2007, EPI has evolved into one of the GCC’s leading precision engineering facilities for the defense, aerospace, and oil & gas industries.

From early-stage capacity studies and prototyping to final manufacturing and production process design, EPI delivers high-quality technical services including engineering, machining, surface and heat treatment, coating, repairing, tooling, and beyond.

EPI is part of EDGE’s Trading & Mission Support cluster.

What are EPI’s set objectives? What are the products catered by the company? Who are the CEO and senior executives at EPI? Who are EPI’s key partners and customers? What major agreements did EPI manage to establish?

Tactical Report has prepared a 1067-word Company Profile of the Emirati EPI to answer these questions and more. 


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