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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Lt-General Engineer Issa Al-Mazrouei: UAE’s New Chief of Staffin-depth

UAE President Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued on 03/1/2023 a Federal Decree appointing Lt-General Engineer Issa Saif Mohammad Al-Mazrouei as Chief of Staff of the UAE Armed Forces at the rank of Minister.

Before being appointed as the new Chief of Staff, he was Deputy Chief of Staff of the UAE Armed Forces since 2011, a position he had occupied for around 12 years.

Along with Lt-General Engineer Al-Mazrouei’s priorities for the UAE Armed Forces, what are the foreign defense companies that he encourages cooperation with? Who are the high-ranking Emirati officials that Lt-General Engineer Al-Mazrouei has good relations with? Is he close to President Sheikh Mohammad?  

Tactical Report has prepared a 787-word (3 pages) Profile of Lt-General Engineer Issa Al-Mazrouei to answer these questions and more, providing an overview on his background and future plans. 


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