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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Egypt's new submarine ambitionsin-depth

The Egyptian Navy and Ministry of Military Production (MoMP) are still interested in procuring new diesel-electric attack submarines, and negotiations continue with various shipbuilders.

Cairo’s new submarine aspirations differ from the completed procurement of four Type 209 from ThyssenKrupp Marine System (TKMS), aiming to expand the Egyptian Navy’s subsurface fleet further.

What submarines is Egypt considering purchasing, and from who? Have there been any talks with the possible suppliers? In what stage are the discussions? What is the ‘leaderboard’ of competitors? What transfer of technology/production (TOT/P) package has each company pledged? What offset arrangements do the Egyptians desire? What purpose do the new submarines serve for the Egyptian Navy?

Tactical Report has prepared a 1317-word (5 pages) report to answer these questions and provide a comprehensive overview of Egypt's ongoing submarine search.  


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