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Friday, November 18, 2022

Thabet Mohammad Al-Abbasi: The newly appointed Iraqi Minister of Defensein-depth

The Iraqi parliament approved on 27/10/2022 the formation of a new government headed by Mohammad Shia Sabbar Al-Sudani (Prime Minister) where Thabet Mohammad Saeed Al-Abbasi was elected the new minister of defense.

Compared to the former Defense Minister Lt-General Juma Anad Saadoun, Al-Abbasi does not have significant military experience. Yet, Al-Abbasi will compensate for his lack of extensive experience in military affairs by resorting to several qualified advisors.

Among Al-Abbasi’s priorities is to enhance the Iraqi military industries in cooperation with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Turkey.

Our 785-word (3 pages) profile of Al-Abbasi gives an overview of his background, role, and future plans in addition to his circle and connections.

Our report is structured as follows:

-Who is Thabet Mohammad Al-Abbasi? 

-Al-Abbasi’s Role and Standing: Al-Abbasi’s Plans and Future Projects; Views on Foreign Defense Companies

-Al-Abbasi’s Circle and Connections


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