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Monday, November 14, 2022

Iran’s hypersonic claim to ignite hypersonic arms race in Gulf region (Analysis)in-depth

Iran claims that it had developed a hypersonic weapon capable of countering high-end air defenses. The announcement was made by Brigadier General (Gen.) Hajizadeh, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps- Aerospace Forces (IRGC-AF) on November 12, 2022.

Gen. Hajizadeh’s claim raises several questions, such as: what kind of a hypersonic system could this mystery weapon be, more precisely? Is the claim credible? Was there a precursor weapon program that could have served as a technological bed? Could Iran have obtained hypersonic technology from another country? Why does Iran even want a hypersonic weapon in the first place? What operational challenge is this weapon addressing? What effect will Gen. Hajizadeh’s announcement have on the GCC?

Tactical Report has prepared a 994-word report (3-pages) that provides likely explanations and analyses to the aforementioned questions using open-source information.

Note that Tactical Report has exclusively and extensively reported on the GCC’s thrust for hypersonic weapons to cope with a looming hypersonic threat in the region for the past year. For further reading, consult our Hypersonic Systems hot topic for an extensive collection of in-depth and daily intelligence reports (DIRs) on GCC and hypersonic weapons and air defenses. 


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