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Friday, November 11, 2022

Qatar’s Operation World Cup Shield: Defense deals and military assistance agreementsin-depth

Qatar spent billions of dollars on defense procurement and signed dozens of military agreements with its allies to secure the 2022 World Cup. Based on the procurements and deployments observed, Doha has planned for various contingencies and threatcasted a dynamic security environment. The Qatari Emiri Armed Forces have enhanced their air defense, maritime security, and counter-terrorism posture.

Our 1,790-word (7 pages) special report provides an overview of Qatar’s defense procurement and foreign military agreements for securing the 2022 World Cup. Our special report is structured as follows:

-Planning for a dynamic and diverse threatscape

-Air defense: air policing, ground-based air defense, counter-drone

-Maritime security: major ship deal with Italy, UUVs, allied ships committed to Qatar

-Counter-terrorism: joint counter-terrorism, constant and persistent ISR 


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