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Friday, November 04, 2022

KSA, China, and 3D TWA radars: procurement, deployment, and operational use (Analysis)in-depth

The Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSADF) has operationalized several Chinese 3D TWA low-altitude surveillance radars, which show recent satellite imagery and social media photos. In some instances, the 3D TWA radars are co-deployed with the Silent Hunter, a Chinese laser weapon system (LSW), to defend key sites from Houthi cruise missiles and drones.

This development raises several questions, such as: how did the 3D TWA radar end up in RSADF service? What was the procurement timeline? How has the radar performed so far against Houthi drones? What are the political and military-industrial implications of this development? Are other GCC states also likely to purchase the 3D TWA?

Tactical Report has prepared a 1,165-word report (4-pages) that provides likely explanations to the aforementioned questions using exclusive information from our sources and OSINT. 


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