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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Saudi Radarabia: a Rheinmetall-MAZ Group joint venturein-depth

Announced during the World Defense Show (WDS) in Riyadh, last March (6-9/3/2022), Radarabia is a joint venture (JV) company established by the Swiss-based Rheinmetall Air Defense AG and Saudi Arabia’s MAZ Group.

Radarabia will be a production center of air defense systems and technologies in the Kingdom. The company is expected to coalesce Rheinmetall's technologies and the MAZ Group's engineering expertise to form a world-leading Saudi defense company.

Our 547-word (3 pages) company profile dive into Radarabia's sought plans and objectives, its leadership and structure, in addition to the company's initial projects.

Our report is structured as follows:

-What is Radarabia?

-Strategic Plans and Objectives

-Leadership and Company Structure: Radarabia Anticipated Factory

-Primary Projects


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