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Friday, July 08, 2022

Dr. Bandar Bin Obaid Al-Rasheed: Secretary of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salmanin-depth

On July 4, 2022, Dr. Bandar Bin Obaid Al-Rasheed was appointed by a royal decree as a Secretary to the Saudi Crown Prince (CP) Mohammad Bin Salman with the rank of a Minister. Al-Rasheed has a notable background in law and held major positions within the Saudi government.

Al-Rasheed has been working closely with CP Mohammad over the years. Our sources say, the connection between the two men is known to be strong, especially since Al-Rasheed controls who has access to CP Mohammad within the latter’s inner circle.

Our 643-word (3 pages) profile of Al-Rasheed provides an overview of his experience with the Saudi government and his ties with CP Mohammad Bin Salman and the Saudi Royal family, in addition to his background in politics and law.

The report is structured as follows:

-Al-Rasheed’s Background: Background in Law; Professional Experience in Governance

-Rank and Standing: Views on Saudi Foreign Affairs; Views on Saudi Internal Affairs

-Al-Rasheed’s Connections: Connections with Government Officials; Connection to the Royal Family 


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