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Friday, July 01, 2022

Mohammed Sahib Al-Daraji: Head of Iraq’s Military Industrialization Authorityin-depth

Mohammed Sahib Al-Daraji is the President of the Iraqi Military Industrialization Authority (MIA). An engineer by profession with a long-standing post-2003 political career, Al-Daraji is charged with the strenuous task of rebuilding Iraq’s once gigantic defense industry.

Al-Daraji is said to have good relations with the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Minister of Planning Khaled Battal Al-Najm, and Minister of Defense Juma Inad.

Our 798-word profile of Al-Daraji provides an overview of his strategy to reactivate the MIA, in addition to his background in politics and engineering.

The report is structured as follows:

-Reviving the Iraqi Military Industrialization Authority: Cooperation with foreign companies; Political challenges; Al-Darraji’s circle; Decisive six months ahead

-Al-Daraji background: Political career; Education and engineering   


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