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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Egypt’s AOI: The Arab Organization for Industrializationin-depth

The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) is Egypt’s defense-industrial conglomerate. AOI was founded in 1975 by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to synergize the collective expansion of the Arab defense industry. The company was supposed to combine Egypt’s vast workforce with the Gulf states’ money and access to advanced foreign technology. Since 1993, AOI has been solely owned by Egypt after its partners withdrew from the project due to successive decline in relations amid the Gulf states.

Nowadays, AOI works with the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production (MoMP) to meet the requirements of the Egyptian Armed Forces. It also strives to establish partnerships with regional and international partners, and secure technology for home growing Egyptian defense capabilities.

Our 2,600-word (10 pages) company profile provides a comprehensive look at AOI’s aims & strategy, internal structure, affiliated factories, and output.

Our special report is structured as follows:

-What is AOI: objectives and strategy

-Leadership Wing: Supreme Committee, Members of the Board and the CEO

-Company Products and Divisions: Affiliated Companies and Factories; Other Products

-AOI Notable Accomplishments: EDEX 2021, EDEX 2018, Military Agreements, Civilian Agreements  


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