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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

UAE To Boost Air Defenses as Houthi Attacks Continuein-depth

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed has approved an emergency budget to boost the UAE air defenses. Shortly afterward, on Monday (24/1/2022), the Houthis launched a new attack on Abu Dhabi, this time consisting of ballistic missiles, which were intercepted by Emirati air defenses.

This second Houthi attack in a week indicates what could become the “new normal” for the Mideast’s business center, as the Yemeni militants continue to bleed territory in Marib and Shabwah provinces.

Our 920-word report provides insights into the recent Houthi attack on Abu Dhabi, and the Houthi leadership’s intentions to sustain a protracted military campaign designed to expel international business from the Emirates. The report also sheds light on the UAE’s emergency procurement program to foil the Houthi intentions.


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