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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Lt. Gen. Al-Azima Fully Instated as Commander of Saudi Joint Forcesin-depth

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has officially appointed Lieutenant General Mutlaq bin Salem Al-Azima as Commander of the Saudi Joint Forces in Yemen last month (6/12/2021). This act came two months after the royal decree was issued (15/10/2021) to uprank Lt. Gen. Al-Azima as General and Commander of the Joint Forces.

Having served as acting commander of the Joint Forces since September 2020, Lt. Gen. Al-Azima now enjoys the full confidence of the Saudi royal family and the joint chiefs to continue his projects.

Our 1,200-word special report provides a profile of Lt. Gen. Al-Azima and includes career highlights as commanding officer, views on arms procurement and foreign defense companies, an overview of the reforms he initiated as acting Joint Forces commander, and other information such as peer perception of his leadership. 


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