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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Kuwait-Post-Elections: Emir Meshaal faces tough choices aheadnote

Kuwait's political landscape faces significant shifts following the election of a new parliament.

Kuwaiti Emir Meshaal Al-Ahmad is said to be confronted with a series of challenging decisions.

He issued a decree on 8/4/2024 postponing the opening session of the newly elected parliament until May 14, replacing an earlier decree setting April 17 as the day for the opening session.

The following note provides a comprehensive understanding of several aspects, including:

- How Emir Meshaal will use the time until the opening session

- The challenges he is facing, including selecting a new PM

- The demands set by his opponents from the Al-Ahmad branch to participate in ruling

- Emir Meshaal’s views on those demands

- Potential candidates for the PM position and Emir Meshaal’s preferences

- Emir Meshaal’s tough choice concerning appointing a Crown Prince 


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