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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Kuwait: Emir Meshaal’s motives for appointing Lt-General Al-Muzain as new CoSnote

Kuwaiti Emir Meshaal Al-Ahmad is strategically expanding his power base amidst looming internal challenges.

His appointment of Lieutenant General Bandar Salem Al-Muzain as the new Chief of Staff (CoS) of the Kuwait Armed Forces is said to be perceived to counter opposition within the ruling Al Sabah family.

The following note provides a comprehensive overview of these aspects:

- The reasons behind Emir Meshaal's selection of Lt-General Al-Muzain

- Lt-General Al-Muzain's tasks

- Emir Meshaal's plans concerning Lt-General Al-Muzain approaching retirement age

- Emir Meshaal’s reshuffling plans in the Ministry of Interior and appointing a new commander to the Kuwait Air Force (KAF).

Additionally, the note highlights the preparations for potential challenges in the upcoming National Assembly elections, underscoring Emir Meshaal's foresight in navigating Kuwait's political landscape.


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