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Monday, December 11, 2023

Oman: Sayyid Theyazin's expanding role and meeting with Putinnote

Omani Minister of Culture, Sports, and Youth and Sultan Haitham’s son Sayyid Theyazin continues to prove his presence in the Omani decision-making circles.

He also solidified his international presence by meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 7/12/2023 in Moscow.

Sayyid Theyazin discussed various files with President Putin and delivered several proposals.

This note provides an overview of the following:

- The major files that were discussed during the meeting

- The proposals Sayyid Theyazin delivered

- Sayyid Theyazin's expanding role on local, regional, and international levels

The note also highlights Sultan Haitham’s intentions to expand personal relations with world leaders.


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