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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Saudi Arabia-China Defense Relations: Talks on acquisition and TOT for air defense systemsnote

Saudi Arabia has been invited by China to participate in an upcoming joint training and tactical exercise in Nanjing.

The invitation is said to have come on the sidelines of a visit of the Deputy Commander of the RSAF Major General Pilot Talal Al-Ghamedi to Nanjing in July 2023.

Tactical Report sheds the light on this visit including:

- Discussions between Major General Al-Ghamedi and representatives from CASIC on a self-propelled air defense system

- A TOT agreement on various advanced aerospace designs that the Kingdom is interested in

- The crucial roles of SAMI and its subsidiary, MIC, in the TOT discussions

Note that the Saudi Ministry of Defense has been considering signing several defense agreements with China in order to enhance their defense ties.


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