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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Kuwait: PM Sheikh Ahmad, Defense Minister Ahmad Al-Fahad on the future of defense relations with Francenote

Kuwaiti-French relations are currently being re-assessed in conjunction with the re-investigation of the Caracal file.

Within this context, senior advisors from the defense ministries of both countries are said to be currently in talks behind closed doors in an effort to restore defense ties.

Tactical Report highlights these matters, including:

- Views of PM Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad and CP Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad on the future of defense relations with France

- The position of Kuwaiti Minister of Defense Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad

- What he informed several foreign embassies in Kuwait City about defense deals

The report also mentions Minister Sheikh Ahmad’s intentions to foster stronger relations with U.S. and European defense companies.


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