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Monday, August 07, 2023

Saudi-hosted talks on Ukraine: Outcomes vis-a-vis Saudi-Russian relations and U.S. expectationsnote

Saudi Arabia hosted a meeting on the Ukraine War on 5-6/8/2023 in Jeddah, attended by around 40 countries, including delegates from the U.S., China, and the EU, but not Russia.

Ukraine said the meeting had been productive, but Moscow called it a doomed Western attempt to swing the Global South behind Kyiv.

Tactical Report has prepared a report (409 words) to highlight the matter, including:

- The effect of the meeting on Saudi-Russian relations

- The role that senior advisors of U.S. President Joe Biden played in holding the meeting

- The meeting’s outcomes versus the U.S. expectations

The report also highlights expected Saudi diplomatic efforts to build on the Jeddah meeting. 


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