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Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Oman-Japan Defense Relations: Naval cooperation to expandnote

The naval defense relations between Oman and Japan are expected to further expand.

In this regard, the 1st Oman-Japan Military-to-Military (MM) Dialogue was held on 19/6/2023 in Muscat.

The Japanese delegation was headed by the Director General for International Affairs, Bureau of Defense Policy Miura Jun.

Jun met with the Chief of Staff of Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces (SOAF) Vice Admiral Abdullah Bin Khamis Al-Raisi and other high-ranking officers from the Omani Maritime Security Center.

Tactical Report has prepared a report (268 words) to highlight this matter, including:

- The Japanese efforts to enhance defense relations with Oman

- The naval systems that Japan expressed readiness to cooperate on with Oman

- The Japanese defense company to be involved

The report also mentions an expected understanding between the defense ministries of the two countries concerning certain naval systems. 


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