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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and land border security needsnote

Last month (24/6/21), Saudi and Iraqi security delegations held a meeting in Riyadh.

The Saudi delegation was headed by Director-General of the Saudi Arabian Border Guard (SABG) Major General Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Shehri, while the Iraqi delegation was headed by Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command for Iraq (JOC-I) Lt-General Abdulamir Al-Shammari.

Major General Al-Shehri and Lt-General Al-Shammari are said to have agreed on a comprehensive list of military and security needs that will be provided by the Kingdom to the Iraqi Army, which is currently in charge of protecting the Saudi-Iraqi land border.

What does the list include?

Tactical Report answers this question and more in the following 390-word report.

[Briefly reproduced in TR Weekly 28/29 – July 16, 2021]


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