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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Houthi attack on Saudi bordernote

The Yemeni Houthi rebels issued video footage last Saturday (29/5/21) allegedly showing an incursion by Houthi soldiers into the southern Saudi region of Jazan. The Houthis claimed that more than 80 Saudi soldiers and Sudanese “mercenaries” were killed or captured during the operation.

The command of the Saudi-led Arab military coalition denied (30/5/21) what it called “fabricated” claims of a Houthi operation in Jazan, and dismissed the video footage as “media fabrications” and “imaginary victories”.

However, there is talk that the Houthi attack actually came as a surprise to the Saudis and led to heavy losses.

What was the military tactic employed by the Houthis?

Why were they able to penetrate the Saudi border?

What was the Saudi military reaction to the attack?

Tactical Report answers these questions and more in the following 511-word report.

[Fully reproduced in TR Weekly 28/23 – June 4, 2021]


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