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Thursday, April 15, 2021

UAE: F-35 deal, more obstacles ahead?note

US congressional aides said last Tuesday (13/4/21) that US President Joe Biden’s administration has told Congress that it is moving forward with proposed weapon sales to the UAE. These sales, which were approved by former US President Donald Trump last November, include F-35 fighter jets and MQ-9 Reaper combat drones and are worth more than 23 billion US dollars.

A spokesperson from the US Department of State added that the US administration will “continue reviewing details and consulting with Emirati officials” about the use of these weapons.

UAE National Security Adviser Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed is said to consider that by deciding to proceed with the F-35 deal, the Biden administration has confirmed the UAE’s right to obtain F-35 fighters.

However, there is talk that Sheikh Tahnoon is still worried that the F-35 deal may face new obstacles.

What are these obstacles be related to?

Tactical Report answers this question and more in the following 408-word report.

[Fully reproduced in TR Weekly 28/16 – April 16, 2021]


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