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Monday, November 16, 2020

Qatar: Lt-General Al-Ghanim, the Pentagon and QAF capabilitiesnote

Chief of Staff of the Qatari Armed Forces Lt-General Ghanim Bin Shaheen Al-Ghanim is currently on a visit to the United States.

He met separately with several high-ranking US officers at the Pentagon, including Chief of Staff of the US Air Force (USAF) General Charles Brown and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the USAF Headquarters Lt-General Joseph Guastella.

Lt-General Al-Ghanim's meetings are said to have revolved around the completion of the F-15QA deal and the development of the Qatar Air Force (QAF) capabilities.

Tactical Report has prepared a 370-word report to shed light on Lt-General Al-Ghanim's visit and his talks there.

[TR Weekly Issue 27/47 – November 20, 2020]



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