Daily Briefs

The Defense Daily Briefs (DDBs) is a daily newsletter focusing on the major developments in the MENA region in the areas of defense programs monitoring and politics.


It is intended to give you the ability to stay updated on the go about the occurring daily incidents and to track their impact.


The Defense Daily Briefs is sent once and daily from Monday to Friday.

What does it include?

The Defense Daily Briefs is divided into the following segments:


Starting Segment

Editorial Note

This segment will give you the opportunity to benefit the most from this product. It will include an exclusive topic chosen and signed by our editor-in-chief with an analysis. The topic will be about an upcoming event such as a political issue, an arm deal, bilateral relations between countries, changes in governments, and more.


A short selection of Daily Intelligent Report (DIR) previews published throughout the day. This will allow you to not only have an idea about what was published over the day but also an idea about the content. Each DIR preview includes one insight from our HUMINT. If you would like to access more insights, you can purchase the full DIR.


Upcoming Segments

Picks of the day

Selections from recent major topics of interest that may have an impact on specific situations. These selections could be from open sources or from our own dedicated to provide you with a reference and supporting comments for some of the published DIRs.


An overview of the published topics and the upcoming ones.

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