About us

Established in 2004, Tactical Report is an exclusive news and market intelligence service.
We are locally present in the MENA region and the GCC states, where we’re the trusted authority to cover political events and share insightful articles and reports about security & defense, oil & gas policies, and political affairs. We rely mainly on human intelligence sources and our content spans over market intelligence, industry information and advancements in geopolitical agreements.

Your trusted source for MENA

Security & Defense Intelligence

We are confident that our vast and international network of human intelligence sources (HINT) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) can assist you in making the right decisions for your business. We report continuously on current events in the form of Daily News Articles and Weekly Reports, and we are available to support you with specific inquiries.

Our Vision

Tactical Report is the recognized leader in market and competitive
intelligence in the security & defense sectors for decision-makers with interests in the MENA region and GCC states.

Our Mission

Tactical Report maintains a roster of local reporters with widespread networks in the defense and security sectors of the MENA region and GCC states to collect human intelligence-based market information to produce and publish articles and reports with insights relating to internal and international politics and markets – so that parties with vested interests can stay informed and make efficient decisions.

Previously covered topics


Monitoring of defense
procurement projects


Development in political
affairs geopolitics and
regional politics


Mainly oil and gas policies


Armament deals, trade
and advancements


Various other topics
relating to geo-political
advancements in the
MENA & GCC states


Ad Hoc & Regular events,
such as G7 summit,
conferences and
international meetings

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Assaf Kfoury






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