Why deploying more US troops to Saudi Arabia?

US President Donald Trump ordered last week to deploy additional US troops and military equipment to Saudi Arabia.

The order came after the attacks that targeted the Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais.

However, why did President Trump effectively order to deploy more troops to Saudi Arabia?

There was a telephone call between President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad soon after the Saudi oil attacks. What was the call about?

There was a meeting last week in Washington between Saudi deputy Defense Minister Khaled Bin Salman and US Defense Secretary. What was the meeting about?

Can the deployment of additional US military troops be deterrent? What if those troops come under attack by the Houthis or the Iranians?

These key questions and more are answered in the following 348-word news report.

[Partly reproduced in TR Defense Weekly Issue No 26/42 – October 18, 2019]

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