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Fri, 19 Nov 2010

November 19, 2010 17th Year, No 17/47

Front Page – KSA: Alain Juppe
Politics – Page 2
Iraq: Maliki again for the Premiership
KSA: King’s health condition
Oman: MoU between the GCC and Iran
Defence – Page 3
KSA: Saudi Navy rehabilitation programme
Kuwait: Talks on the F-15SE Silent Eagle
Qatar: The UAV issue
Security – Page 4
KSA: Prince Bandar, a new role
GCC: A comprehensive air security plan
Yemen: Fight against Al-Qaeda
Energy – Page 5
Iran: The withdrawal of oil companies
Iraq: The future of the Oil Ministry
KSA: Protection of oil facilities
Focus – Page 6
KSA: Prince Miteb, a new SANG Commander

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