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TR Weekly is a confidential bulletin designed to cover the defence and internal security markets in the Persian Gulf and the broader Middle East region, notably in Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon.

For further details about the subjects the bulletin covers, see the Headlines of Issues.

TR Weekly also reproduces some relevant interesting articles run during the week under TR Newswires.

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TR Weekly is concise and easy to read. It can be bought by issue as it can be bought by subscription for:

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TR Weekly is also offered in the context of a package including both TR Weekly and TR Newswires.

The Weekly Package is offered as follows:

One-month subscription: Weekly + 50 credits for USD 300
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One-year subscription: Weekly + 650 credits for USD 3200

* We have added a TR Advanced package including TR Weekly and TR Newswires:

One-year subscription: TR Weekly + 4200 credits for USD 6000.

NB: Please note that subscribing to TR Weekly does not give subscribers free access to TR Newswires. They are two different products.

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