Kuwait: Emir Sabah orders to defend the country

Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad, who is still in Washington, is said to have ordered to take all necessary measures to defend the country.

He gave his orders from Washington while taking part via a TV monitor in an urgent military meeting convened yesterday (17/9/19) at the Kuwaiti Defence Ministry.

This came after an unidentified drone was spotted flying over the Kuwaiti capital on Saturday (14/9/2019), shortly before the attacks on Saudi oil facilities took place.

The Kuwaiti government stated the following day that it is investigating the drone sighting.

Tactical Report has prepared a 394-word report to shed more light on Kuwaiti Emir’s participation in the meeting and his orders and instructions.

[Briefly reproduced in TR Weekly Issue No 26/38 – Sept. 20, 2019]

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