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Freelance Journalist/Editor

We are currently looking for a Journalist/editor living in Lebanon to perform a variety of writing and reporting work.

The candidate must write and edit articles and must be able to turn reports from Arabic or French language into English written reports. 

The candidate must contribute mainly to our bulletins: TR Weekly and KSA Weekly and work within deadlines to ensure that bulletins are published and distributed on time. 

This means that the candidate must have a good background about regional affairs and defence markets in the GCC states, Iraq and Iran.

The candidate also should have an excellent English language as well as basic computer skills.

If you think you are qualified to do the work, send us your C/V to the following email address [email protected].

Contact us to see how we can help you: customerservice[at]tacticalreport[dot]com + 9614870294 | + 9613308247 + 9614870294
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newsalerts Don't worry you won't be spammed